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I-95 Challenge Links

I expect more links to be rolling in from this event, but here's what we got so far.

DC, which was actually my favorite to win it, ended up being underrepresented from what I've heard. A lot of guys didn't show, Hippolyte Tsafack and Victor Oladipo among them. Justin Anderson was also absent from the 2012 game for DC (which ruined my day - I can't get enough of that kid). Obviously, Baltimore took advantage of this and routed the DC team, winning 104-79.

Matt Bracken was the first to have a recap up, and while the entire thing is worth a read, two things stood out to me. 1) Ross had 15, which was impressive, but I loved his quote even more: "It was an exciting game, with all the dunks and all the shots. But we should've done a lot better on defense." Is it just me, or is that unusual for a high schooler in an all-star game (in a good way)? 2) Mychal Parker called Gary Williams a legend, which can only bode well for us. He also called Tony Bennett a "good man" and "a good Christian", which again seemed awkward for a high school student to say (not good/bad, just really unusual, no?). I've also heard that he and Ross (by far the two best DC players who showed) had a rapport and were very friendly before, during, and after the game.

Capitol Hoops had a somewhat confusing writeup on the event, but their video is must-watch. See it below:

For the team in white, Will Barton is #5, Antonio Barton is #2, and Roscoe Smith is #3. For the team in black, Terrence Ross is #6 and Mychal Parker is #8. That's only for the 2010 game - the video also has highlights of the 2011 game - I believe Quinn Cook is #5 in black and T. Jordan Omogbehin is obviously #2 in black - there's only one 7'2", 325 pounder on the floor. (OT: #1 in white in the 2010 game looks exactly like Lance Stephenson. It's scary).

I fully expect a lot more news to roll in in the coming hours, so this post will either be updated or a new story will be posted.