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Thursday Links: Memphis, Vasquez, and Recruiting

We have a pretty big project going on right now, so that explains the lack of posts recently. Of course, the lack of solid news also has an effect. Everything should be back to normal posting schedule in the next few days. In the meantime:

  • Of course, the biggest story out there right now is the Calipari/Memphis scandal. From a strictly Terps persective, I feel pretty happy. I doubt Lance would go to Memphis right after this story breaks - he's had enough bad press as it stands - and it also tarnishes Calipari's reputation, which could conceivably help us with Will Barton.
  • Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports reports what was already reported a few days ago: Greivis Vasquez isn't leaving for Europe.
  • Interesting story from the recruiting department - Marcus Coker, DeMatha RB and Terp recruit, was said to have committed to Minnesota by several sources. The problem? All he "committed to" was taking a visit up in Minny.
  • Terp football recruit and stud DE Ego Ferguson is transferring away from St. John's Catholic Prep in Frederick, Md, to Hargrave down in Virginia. We never had a great chance with him, but this certainly doesn't help.