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If you just drank three Red Bulls and TC's TOC Rundown somehow wasn't enough for you, perhaps ESPN can assist.

First, they give some love to the Nike Memorial Day Classic, which TC didn't cover, meaning this is some completely new info. They seemed absolutely fascinated by Will Barton, as they should be after that nutty performance against Harrison Barnes. 

Barton was dominant the entire weekend. He is a high-energy guy who impacts a game in a lot of areas. He is wiry strong and not afraid to mix it up. He showed the ability to rebound the ball, bust it out of the pack, take it coast to coast and finish at the rim (usually some form of nasty dunk). He is a tough matchup; his size, length and bounce give him a great advantage over most shooting guards and he finds ways to score without having to always be set up. He is a great transition player who fills the wings for a 3-pointer and can be electrifying as a finisher on a lob. What separates him from most other top-level players is the passion and energy he plays with on the defensive side of the ball. He envelops his opponent with his long arms and quick feet, making it very difficult to execute offense. He has a great attitude, is mentally tough and coachable. Barton already is fairly well-regarded as a prospect, but he should continue to climb to elite status with more showings like this on the summer circuit.

They also really liked Terp target Terrence Jones:

Jones has a great body and is a versatile forward who scores inside and out. He has a nice stroke from behind the 3-point arc and can also play with his back to the basket or out of the high post. He is skilled playing with his face to the basket and can put the ball on the floor and create his own shot and has a good feel passing the ball out of the post. He is a great offensive rebounder who is quick off the floor and pursues the ball relentlessly. Jones is a smart player; he sees the floor well and understands the game. He plays under control and doesn't force the action. On the defensive end, Jones gives good effort, and he can guard all five spots. He has the ability to be a shutdown defender if he puts his mind to it. He is clearly one of the top players in the Class of 2010.

They gave the same treatment to the Tournament of Champions, singling out Roscoe Smith as one of the standouts:

Smith is a big-time shooter with a quick trigger and great confidence. He can score in bunches with ability to knock down open jumpers in transition and in the half court. He sprints the lane for spot ups, slides to the open area and comes of screens ready to shoot. He has excellent form and elevation to go along with length that enables him to shoot over smaller defenders with ease. Smith also has a tremendous shot fake that he uses to move defenders and get them out of their defensive stance to set up his smooth midrange pull-up that he can shoot going both ways with one or two dribbles. Defenders must learn to make Smith dribble into a shot under stress because if the defense is not in position to contest his shot on the catch, he will knock down jumpers all game. He is a decent defensive rebounder and could be a better offensive rebounder. He is a good enough ballhandler to lead the break -- although he must work on his passing on the move at high speeds. Smith must add strength and he will force shots from time to time. Still, this young player can flat-out change the scoreboard.

They also breakdown Reco McCarter, Kyrie Irving, and Justin Coleman, likening Coleman to Lance Stephenson. Both articles are worth reads if you have the time.