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Question: Do You Still Want Lance Stephenson?

Yes, Maryland is still recruiting Lance, and according to USAToday, they're in the final two with Arizona. According to one of Zags' sources, he'll decide between Maryland and Memphis (does anyone else find it strange that Zags said he got this source a few days ago, but never posted on it? I mean, he didn't waste any time with this kind of stuff before - just saying). The only constant between the two is that Maryland is still in it.

In retrospect, we're a little dumb in assuming he wrote Maryland off so quickly. Most of us were assured of it. The problem was that everything had been from unnamed sources - this is a lesson not to trust them nearly as much. I mean, the Stephenson's had said nothing about it. Many people made this point, but the majority of fans had assumed that he wasn't coming.

Now that Maryland is seen as a legitimate landing destination again, we have to pose a question - a lot of people have been very anti-BR lately. Was that just a defense mechanism, a reaction created when people assumed he wasn't coming to CP? Or was it a reaction created after people realized he was turning into a circus? Are you enamored with his skill? Or do you find yourself turned off by the circus that is his recruitment

(FWIW, I still want him. His dad's a bigger problem than he is, it seems, and he would probably be less of an issue in College Park. Also, this would create a wonderful snowball recruiting effect. However, a Lance with no Greivis to temper him could be scary).