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Greivis Vasquez Will Work Out for the Wizards

I first saw this from @DCSportsBog on Twitter, but as for real linkage, the first place I saw it was Jeff Barker on Tracking the Terps. As such, I'll quote him:

Maryland guard Greivis Vasquez will work out for the Washington Wizards Thursday -- part of his NBA tour to decide if he'll leave his name in the draft or return for his senior season in College Park.

The Wizards said the workout will last about an hour.

There are a few camps forming in the Greivis going pro thing. One believes he's definitely coming back, and this is just a "testing the waters" process. The other believes he's gone no matter what, and he hasn't hired an agent just to be careful. The third groups truly believes his decision depends on a multitude of factors, the most important of which is draft position. I classify myself in that third group, although I am currently leaning toward him staying.

I'll say this - if the Wizards have legitimate interest, that means he'd be going at pick #32, as the Wiz will have the second pick in the 2nd round. That might be tough for him to pass up - that's very close to his ceiling even if he comes back, in my opinion. (Of course, all signs point toward them trading the #5, so they may pick up a later 2nd round pick in that deal if it goes down, allowing them to pick him lower).

If he has to go pro, there's nowhere I'd rather him go than DC, if only because he'll be close to home and it'd be much easier to see him play. It's tough to imagine him in blue and...goldish bronze? (how would you classify that color?), but the Wizards would be the most Terp-friendly team in the Association, with both Greivis and Juan on the same team.

There's still a long way to go in the decision process, including a pre-draft combine in Chicago in late May. How this workout goes, as well as the combine, could ultimately decide his decision.