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Maryland-Cal Round 3 Game Time Set

Maryland and Cal have played each other twice in the past year - the first time, Maryland shocked (ok, not really shocked...mildly surprised) the football world (but Kevin Barnes really did shock Jahvid Best). The second time, it was another mild surprise when the Terps beat out the Golden Bears in the first round of the NCAA tournament. I am now anxiously awaiting the start of round three, the first game for the Terps in the 09-10 football season, over in Berkeley this time. Before today, we only knew the date of the game - 9/5 - and not the time, which was obviously giving me anxiety problems.

This afternoon, however, the time for round three was announced, and there's good news and bad news. First, the good news: it's nationally televised on ESPN2. Sweet...unless we get embarrassed on national TV again (see: every damn time we play VT). Now, the bad news: it's at 7 pm PT, meaning it's at 10 pm back home on the east coast.  Obviously, the guys aren't used to playing football past midnight (though they are used to sleigh-riding naked late at night), so this could hurt us. I guess we can't really complain, though, as we benefited from the same thing last year, when the game was at noon here (nine over there).

No excuses - I want a sweep.