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I-95 Challenge: Ross & Parker vs. Barton & Smith

I don't know if anyone is going to the I-95 Elite Challenge tonight (I was planning on it, but had to change my plans last minute) but this lineup is pretty great. Check out the roster (bolded name means high D1 prospect):

2010 Baltimore Team

Roscoe Smith
Lakeem Duncan
CJ Fair
Will Barton
Ryley Beaumont
Dante Holmes
Wayne Sparrow
Antonio Barton
Eric Atkins
Cedrick Johnson

2010 DC Team

Hippolyte Tsafack
Brandon Coleman
Mychal Parker
Damien Lee
Brendan McFall
Terrance Ross
Victor Oladipo
Bryon Allen
Tyler Thornton
Markel Starks
Daryl Traynham
Corey Spence

In case you weren't paying attention to the headline or the rosters, yes, this means that Will Barton and Roscoe Smith will be going up against Mychal Parker and Terp commit Terrence Ross. And yes, I'm very excited for this. Other than that, other Terp targets participating include Hippolyte Tsafack and Victor Oladipo. Justin Anderson, the stud 2012 prospect, will also be participating in the freshman game.

So, anyone checking this out?