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Goins Not Yet Gone

As reported a few weeks ago, Steve Goins had been planning on transferring out of Maryland and opening up another schollie. There was good reason - homesick, didn't play, and so on and so forth - and most people were happy for another scholarship.

Here we are, several weeks later, and he's yet to announce his decision as to where exactly he'll transfer. I guess Braxton Dupree's decision reminded the Sun's Jeff Barker about this fact, and he went into snoop mode and found this out:

*Steve Goins, the 6-foot-10 center, had been expected to transfer but it hasn't happened yet. I'm told now that he may remain with the Terps. Some fan sites jumped the gun by saying he was already gone. We'll see.

Very interesting news. In defense of "fan sites", he was indeed "already gone" - the transfer had been announced. As it turns out, he could've changed his mind as he was never really given an official release. It seems like that's what happened.

This coincides nicely with the DeShawn Painter recruitment - it wouldn't at all surprise me if he was readying his transfer due to the possible commitment of Painter. I would've preferred Painter, but there's really no one else for 2009 on the horizon, and I'm pretty sure he's better than an empty chair. At best, the Terps would add on a JUCO big who wouldn't know the offense - I'll take Goins over that, too. There's a good chance that he transfers after 2009, especially if Gary manages to grab Terrence Jones or Tobias Harris in 2010.

One last note - this isn't finalized yet. I would recommend that until you hear otherwise, he's staying, but until I hear some confirmation on it, I'd stay wary of calling it one way or the other. I doubt DeShawn Painter was the only thing making Steve Goins transfer.