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Len Bias Movie

On June 19th, just over a month from now, and 23 years after his tragic death, a new film on Len Bias will be released. The film looks into that one tragic night that ended the life of one of the University of Maryland’s best basketball players. I often wonder what the Celtics would have been like had Bias not died. And I wonder if we’d be talking about Bias being the best player in NBA history. We’d have the Jordan-Bias rivalry. It’s unreal when you think about what happened and the effect it had on Maryland. There are so many things to think about. Would Gary have still ended up at UMD? Would we still have a National Championship? Would we have multiple National Championships? I’m unfortunately too young to really remember Bias' playing days at Maryland and his tragic death, but if Bias was a player today and this happened, I’m sure it would take me a long time to get over it. The trailer to the movie is below. I know where I’ll be on June 19th

You can also check out the film’s website here.