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Lance Stephenson News: Zags Says Arizona, Goodman Says No

Yes, I know that at this point, Lance ain't coming to Maryland. I got it. But he's entertaining and interesting, and if Jeff Goodman is right, then Maryland could still technically be an option (ok, probably not).

Zags is sticking by his story - he says that Lance is going to visit Arizona in the new future, information he obtained from 'Zona recruit Kevin Parrom. This would make Arizona seem like Lance's leader. He does mention that this is news to the Arizona coaching staff.

Jeff Goodman disagrees with Zags, saying that Arizona is not showing interest in Lance. I'm inclined to believe Goodman more than Zags, because he seems to have actual connections around the basketball world. It sounds like a Steve Slaton situation - Stephenson is seeing interest that isn't being shown.

As pointed out by one of our members, CBSSports (our shiny new partner - see that logo down there?) had a very tongue-in-cheek article about Lance, in which they call him a "supermodel with herpes" and "swine flu." They also say that his dad is the headache-causer, not him. I don't really like those comments being made - if his dad is the one screwing him over, why is Lance himself the supermodel with herpes? (I might've put him in a circus, but that's a statement of his recruitment, not him).

Looks like Memphis is the only other rumored school, and Lance has supposedly not responded well to that option. There's semi-pro leagues in the states, aren't there?