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Terps Lax Defeats Notre Dame, Moves on to Second Round

Yes, I am reusing this picture. I still think it looks awesome.
Yes, I am reusing this picture. I still think it looks awesome.

In what isn't all that big of an upset, Maryland lacrosse upset previously unbeaten #7 Notre Dame in the first round of the NCAA tourney. Maryland actually dominated the flow of the game from what I've heard, winning 7-3. As I said earlier, even though I don't like Cottle at all and think he should be gone, this could be the most talented team in the nation, so a deep run is still possible.

Usually, I would like to Inside Lacrosse on their view of it, because I don't know that much about lacrosse and didn't even see the game, but they're having server trouble at the moment. Instead, I'll point you to Maryland's official recap.

This wasn't that big of a win - Notre Dame hadn't played a decent team all season, IIRC, which was the only reason they were undefeated and probably the only reason they got a seed - but it was a good start. The Terps will play the winner of the Syracuse/Siena game (I'd be very surprised if it wasn't Syracuse) next Saturday. If they win that game, they're in the Final Four, which tells you how short of a postseason lacrosse has. Unfortunately, Syracuse looks very good this year, so the Terps will have to be in tip-top shape to steal a victory.

I really want this to be the year Maryland wins the championship, only because then I would know the world has flipped upside down (we sucked in the regular season, didn't choke in the playoffs - it must be opposite month).