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Terps out of Lance Sweepstakes?

According to Adam Zagoria,  the Terps and St. Johns are both out of it for Lance. Whether that is true or not I don't know because in my humble opinion, the guy makes up 90% of what he talks about. Someone started a rumor that Lance has eliminated St. Johns and UMD and his way of confirming that is by saying the Stephenson family hasn't disputed it.

So by that logic I can say Stephenson is going to commit to Maryland and if the family doesn't dispute it, it must be true!

I do believe he could be right and agree with his point that states that if he wanted to go to UMD or St. Johns, wouldn't he have committed by now?

I just hate the way he went about saying it. He throws in the Terps-Lance-Under Armor "violation" that wasn't a violation and then quotes Mr. Stephenson who says himself it wasn't a violation.  And then he adds this crap about Stephenson thinking Gary's system is too "structured" which is a load of BS.

My source says Mr. Zags and his sources don't know anything and no one knows where this kid will end up until he actually suits up for a team.