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Lance Stephenson Notes: Room at Kansas

Alright, Kansas now has room for one more scholarship. They can take one of Lance Stephenson or Xavier Henry, not both, and it's pretty clear which one they want the most (I'll give you a hint - his name starts with an X). I've kind of stopped worrying about Kansas in regards to Lance - the rumor that that he wants to go to Kansas but has been to wait due to his website is picking up steam from more than just Decourcy. Frankly, it sounds like they're waiting for Xavier to make his decision without overly offending Lance. This way, if Xavier goes somewhere else, they can say they worked out the website thing and Lance is welcomed with open arms. If Henry goes to KU, they can say he got in before Lance's issue was settled. This is actually good news, because it sounds more and more like Henry will go to Kansas. He just needs to announce it.

There was a Zagsblog article that said there were rumors he had committed to St. John's. After some quick recon, I couldn't find anything on this - even St. John's people were surprised to see Zags write this. Don't know where he's getting it from, but it seems unlikely to say the least.

Maryland's biggest worry isn't Kansas, who seems set on Henry, or St. John's, who (though I'll admit they're gaining steam) still seem like a longshot, but instead the possibility of Lance reopening his recruitment. If it stays down to these three, I would actually expect Maryland to win after Kansas takes Henry. I have a weird feeling that he won't pick any of these three places. 

FYI - if the name Quintrell Thomas from the above article sounds familiar, he was a big target for Maryland a couple years back. Maryland is not expected to pursue him, though.