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Non-Revenue Roundup

Basketball and football have ended their seasons, and there's not much news regarding either of them right now. But that doesn't mean nothing is happening with Maryland athletics. 27 Sports, 1 Team, remember.

  • In case you haven't noticed, Maryland's women's lacrosse team is tearing it up: #2 in the nation and undefeated so far. I wouldn't be surprised to see a national championship out of them this year. Sophomore (and UK import) Laura Merrifield was just named ACC PoW, scoring an incredible 8 - count 'em 8 - goals against Penn State. That was just one shy of the Maryland single game record.
  • Maryland baseball might not be holding up quite as well, but they did get a close win over Virginia over the weekend to snap a 19 game losing streak to the Hoos. On the topic of baseball, (it rhymes) has a nice article on two Maryland starters from local schools - Mike Moss and Will Greenberg. I've always kinda wondered why Maryland baseball hasn't been more succesful. Virginia isn't much farther south, there's decent ball in the area, and the facilities aren't absolutely horrible. Any thoughts?
  • So women's basketball didn't end too well. The Terps still had two incredibly great players - Marissa Coleman and Kristi Toliver - and they've been getting recognized. Both have been invited to the WNBA Draft, where they'll both be lotto picks. They've both been named to the AP All-American team, as well as the US Basketball Writer's Assoc. All-American team. Coleman was named the WBCA player of the month for March. None of these were surprises.
  • Ugh, we have to end with men's lacrosse. It's been a bit of a tough year with an absolutely incredible team. Obviously, once they get in the tourney no one knows what'll happen, especially with the talent on the team, but I wouldn't be confident right now. It's not as if Maryland is horrible right now - they're at #12 via Inside Lacrosse - but that's lower than where they should be with the talent on the roster. I think it's clear Dave Cottle isn't the man for the job, but that's an argument for another time. Even though it's been a tough go of things lately, there is one event the entire lacrosse world is waiting on: Maryland vs. Johns Hopkins. It's at 2 on Saturday on ESPNU, I'll be tuning in.