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Charm City Challenge Tomorrow

I'll be attending the Charm City Challenge tomorrow, getting a in person view of two of Maryland's 2009 commits - Jordan Williams and James Padgett. 

Jordan and James will both be playing on the same team, so it will be nice to see if they establish a dynamic playing together. 

There will be several other D1 players participating in the game tomorrow as well.


Among others participating will be Antoine Allen from Mississippi Christian Academy, who will attend Miami; Andrew Fitzgerald of Brewster Academy, who will attend Oklahoma; and Jordan Dumars, the son of former NBA guard Joe Dumars, who has committed to South Florida.

Should be a lot of fun to watch. I'll have a post tomorrow evening on my thoughts about both Jordan and James. Another possible Terp target, Terrell Vinson, might be participating tomorrow, but that appears to still be up in the air.

Can't wait to see what these two can do. What are your thoughts on Padgett and Williams?