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Mock Scrimmage Stats and Thoughts

Maryland football had their first real competitive practice of the spring, with an hour long "mock" scrimmage to finish off the week of spring practice. You can find the full stats after the jump, but first, some thoughts:

Just looking at the stats, it's clear Da'Rel Scott had a great day. He had 56 yards on just four carries; that's 14 yards a carry. Quite a day for him. Gary Douglas and Davin Meggett both struggled, unfortunately.

The passing game seemed to do well. Robinson was 3-5 for 37, which isn't great, but not terrible. Turner worked mostly on screen plays, going 6-7 for just 12 yards. tough to get a read on his performance. The receivers seemed left out a bit in the cold; Matt Furstenburg led the way with 2 receptions for 41 yards. I expect him to get a good amount of playing time next year at TE. No other receiver made an impact.

The defense will probably be iffy on a regular basis, but they could be playmaking; Jamari McCullough had a 50 yard interception and Terrell Skinner forced a fumble. Kenny Tate had a promising 10 yard sack; he really could end up as the perfect blitzing safety. Quinten McCree also blocked a punt. It's Seamo/Fridge/Brown Ball!

As for special teams, they seemed mostly unremarkable. Mike Barbour missed his only field goal, but it was a 50-yarder. It's difficult to complain about missing a 50 yard FG in spring practice. Baltz had three punts (two, plus the blocked one), averaging 57 yards a punt, though the heavy winds helped a lot. Regardless, I'd be very surprised if he's not first team All-ACC next year. Anthony Wiseman took two punts, which was surprising. I assumed Tony Logan would get most of the reps, but Wiseman did surprisingly well, averaging 25 yards a return. It'd be a huge boost if he turns out to be a consistent punt returner next year.

Stats are after the jump, via Maryland's official athletic site.

Scoring Plays

Mock Scrimmage:
Brown 4-yard run TD, Barbour PAT GOOD

Goal-line Scrimmage:
Green 1-yard TD run, Barbour PAT GOOD
Bonato 9-yard TD run, Wallace PAT GOOD
Turner 2-yard TD pass to Watson


Rushing (Carries-Yds./TDs):
Scott 4-56, Douglas 4-17, Meggett 5-16, Green 1-7, T. Watson 3-5, Brown 1-4/1 TD, Bonato 4-(4) Robinson 4-(13), Turner 2-(15),

Passing (Comp.-Att.-Yds./TDs):
Robinson 3-5-37/1 INT, Turner 6-7-12, Green 3-3-33

Receiving (Rec.-Yds./TDs):
Furstenburg 2-41, Braxton 2-7, Green 2-3, Scott 2-0, Boykins 1-15, L. Watson 1-7, T. Galt 1-5, McCree 1-4


Tackles (Solo-Assisted-Total):
Skinner (3-1-4), Perez (3-1-4), McCollough (3-0-3), Drakeford (2-1-3), Gloster (3-0-3), Murray (2-1-3), Hughes (2-0-2), Law (1-1-2), D. Galt (1-1-2), Hartsfield (1-1-2),Russell (1-1-2), Tate (2-0-2), Arnett (1-1-2), Kerr (0-2-2), Blue (0-2-2), Berman (1-1-2), Sule (0-1-1), Davidson (0-1-1), Carroll (1-0-1), Kabongo (0-1-1), McCree (1-0-1), Jackson-Mills (1-0-1), Akunyili (1-0-1), Walker (0-1-1), Francis (0-1-1), Moten (0-1-1)

Tackles for Loss (No.-Yards):
Perez (1.5-13), Tate (1-10), Skinner (1-4), Russell (1-3), Murray (1-1), D. Galt (0.5-5), Hartsfield (0.5-5), Moten (0.5-5), Kabongo (0.5-1), Drakeford (0.5-1), Blue (0.5-3), Berman (0.5-3)

Sacks (No.-Yards):
Tate (1-10), Russell (1-3), D. Galt (0.5-5), Hartsfield (0.5-5), Perez (0.5-5), Moten (0.5-5)

Interceptions (No.-Yards):
McCollough (1-50)

Forced Fumbles (No.):
Skinner (1)

Fumble Recoveries (No.):
Dillon (1); Turner (1)

Punt Blocks (No.):
McCree (1)

Pass Breakups (No.):
Law (1)

Special Teams

Field Goals:
Barbour: 0/1, (50-Missed WR)

Punts (No./Avg.):
Baltz (2/57.5), Townsley (1/50.0)

Punt Returns (No./Avg.):
Wiseman (2/25.5), Logan (1/5.0)