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Friday Roundup: Lance, Buie, Vinson

I was in Blacksburg (I didn't realize how far away it is) for the day, so I missed two huge recruiting updates. Let's jump right in.

  • After rumors that Xavier Henry would stick to Memphis or go to Kentucky, hhe appears to be Kansas-bound. That would probably rule out any possibility of Lance going to KU - the scholarship nor the minutes he wants would be there. If you believe him when he says he's not adding any schools, then one would assume Maryland is the logical landing spot, especially because they want out of NYC. But normal recruits change their mind constantly; I wouldn't be shocked to see anything out of Lance right now, including Kentucky or Europe. I'd give him three or four days to commit to Maryland; after that, I'd doubt he'd come to Maryland. There's just no reason to extend any longer unless he needs to look at other options. Europe (given rumors about his academic situation) or another school would seem more likely at that point. I expect this entire situation to clear up by tomorrow.
  • Some thought it strange to settle for "Plan B" so early, in regards to Stoglin being Taran Buie's plan B. Well, looks like it happened right on time: Buie committed to Penn State today. Buie's brother, Taylor Battle, currently attends PSU. He probably let Gary know of his plans, and Gary responded by going after Stoglin. That makes me feel much better about Stoglin's commitment for some reason.
  • On to more minor matters: Terrell Vinson seems to be still confused. Louisville has inquired, but they have no scholarships to offer. It sounds a bit like Vinson still wants to be a Terp, but the interest doesn't seem that high on the other side. I still think there are people on the Terps' priority list higher up than Vinson. There's just not a lot of hype regarding him right now. That could change quickly, of course.
  • Maryland's official athletic site has some notes on Maryland's past few spring practices. Cliffnotes version: The defense has begun to throw in blitzing packages, the offensive line has done better than expected, and Derek Drummond and Travis Ivey have impressed Fridge. There'll also be a scrimmage at the end of tomorrow's practice.