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Current Basketball Roster Situation

Now that Brax and Goins have both decided to transfer, the basketball roster is starting to take shape. There are still four distinct possibilities - Greivis Vasquez goes pro and Jerome Burney is physically unable to play (he would get either an academic scholarship, graduate early, or get a medical hardship scholarship), GV returns but no Burney, Burney returns but no GV, and both return. Here's what the roster would look like for each of those situations:

GV, but no Burney (seemingly the most likely right now):


GV and Burney return:


Burney, but no GV:


Both leave:


As you can see, even if both return, we end up with two scholarsips available for use this year, and three for 2010. If both leave, we'd have four total scholarships for use sometime between this year and next, which is a whoppingly huge number when you're talking about schollies. I fully expect Gary to sign at least one more guy this year (maybe an int'l guy who flew under the radar?), simply because he won't go into the season risking having only nine guys on scholarship.

I have no point to prove with this post. I just thought it'd be useful for some reason.