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Goins to Transfer

Wait, that's what Steven Goins looked like?
Wait, that's what Steven Goins looked like?

I won't post premium info when I find it, but if someone else breaks that honor code, well, there's no reason I can't point you there, right?

Some random blog called Baltimore Sports and Life ended up posting some info that was actually broken by recently rechristened Inside MD Sports, which was formerly Terp Center (it was premium info). That info? Steve Goins is transferring.

This really isn't that surprising. Goins saw almost no playing time, and he was probably homesick for Chicago. You're never exactly happy because a guy is transferring, and I wish him nothing but luck.

I will say, though, that the only consequence of this loss is...well, another scholarship to offer that loaded 2010 class. Nothing against Goins, but he provided very little - I had no idea what he looked like before find that image. Assuming Maryland doesn't bring in Lance or Painter (both of which are options but I wouldn't classify either as "likely" right now) there'll be 5 total scholarships for 2010. There's still a possibility that Burney will have to go on academic scholarship or get a medical leave, because he physically cannot play anymore. That'd mean six 'ships for 2010. With some of the Terps' prospects, that class could be undescribably great.

Of course, Gary will have to get at least one more scholarship player for 2009, simply because the Terps would end up with only 9 players, meaning they couldn't even field a proper intra-squad scrimmage. Lance, Painter, a JUCO big, or even an international prospect could all be options at this point.