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Terps Signing on with NFL Teams

Former Terps Offensive Lineman Edwin Williams
Former Terps Offensive Lineman Edwin Williams

We all know about the five Terps drafted this past weekend (a Ralph Friegen era high), but there has also been a number players picked up as undrafted free agents over the last couple days.  Below is the updated list...


  • Isaiah Williams (WR)- Baltimore Ravens
  • Scott Burley (OL)- Washington Redskins 
  • Edwin Williams (OL)- Washington Redskins 
  • Jeremy Navarre (DE)- Jacksonville Jaguars 
  • David Philistin (LB)- Seattle Seahawks 
  • Trey Covington (LB)- New York Jets 
  • Chase Bullock (LB)- Arizona Cardinals 
  • Dean Muhtadi (DE)- Green Bay Packers (Tryout) 
  • Dane Randolph (DT)- Green Bay Packers (Tryout) 

Who do you guys think has the best chance to make an impact in the league? I'll go with Isaiah Williams simply because he's a Raven but you could make an argument for a couple of guys on this list.  Lets hear it.