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Terrence Ross is a Terp

Welcome to Maryland, Terrence.
Welcome to Maryland, Terrence.

If you checked out Terrapin Times (not Testudo Times; we appear to be name rivals) this morning, you probably saw the teaser that a bigtime shooter committed to Maryland. Now, I don't have a Rivals membership, but found out through other sources that it's none other than Montrose Christian star Terrence Ross.

Ross is at worst a very high four star SG/SF, and he has a five star ceiling. I've heard nothing but positive things about him from very knowledgeable people. Some quotes include stuff like "the perfect wing player," or a "must-get" for the Terps. He can shoot, and is athletic enough to make some great dunks.

This is a very, very positive thing. Ross is a great get, on the same level as Will Barton or Mychal Parker. There's now a lot of momentum for 2010's class. Maybe this is a true signs that "things have changed."

The backcourt for the 2010 class appears to be set, with Stoglin and Ross both having committed. Remember, though, the Terps will probably have two more scholarships, and at least one, to hand out. Ross is big enough to be a three, so he gives the Terps some flexibility. If a guy like Will Barton or Victor Oladipo shows interest, there will be room for them. Mychal Parker is still a possibility as well, as he's a natural 3 from all indications. Right now, though, the #1 target should be Tobias Harris.