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You Tell Us: Will GV Stay or Go?

With the "announcement" that Greivis will enter his name into the NBA draft, it's time for speculation regarding his status. Some think that, because of family concerns, he has no choice and will be gone no matter what. Others believe that scouts will tell him to return for a year and he'll listen. The Baltimore Sun, for one, believes he'll be back (although I wouldn't listen to that article too much, as they get a few things wrong - Vaz's passing is great, and he shut down Ty Lawson a few times, so I think he can guard quicker players). Of course, there's another factor - Lance Stephenson. If Born Ready does indeed choose Maryland over St. John's, next year's team has the potential to be loaded. I doubt Greivis, who loves Maryland and is ultra-competitive, would pass up a shot at a Sweet Sixteen (or even more).

I find myself believing that he'll come back, but what we want to know is your opinion. Do you see Greivis coming back, or is he gone?