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CSN Announces Absolutely Nothing New on Greivis Vasquez


The Washington Post had reported that Maryland star Greivis Vasquez would be announcing his intentions regarding the NBA draft today on CSN's SportsNite. Most of us expected the verdict to be "He's staying," or "He's going." Surprisingly, it was neither.

Instead, they announced something that had been known for quite awhile. Greivis will file paperwork with the NBA, which will allow him to attend camps and get scouts' opinions on him. He will not hire an agent, so he can come back if he so chooses.

This has actually been known for a long time (it was first announced during the ACC tourney), so it was no surprise. Also, it happens all the time with "bubble" players like Greivis. It's not that big of a deal, so I'm surprised CSN made such a big deal of it.

They did announce one new thing: it sounded like Europe was ruled out. That's huge, because Europe was quite possibly a bigger threat than the NBA. That way, he could still get money - moreso than he could with the NBA, perhaps - and still play.

Glad I wasted my chance at Chipotle for this.