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Terps to Play Indiana in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge

Yet another Big Ten team to beat up on. Via Maryland's official athletic site:

The University of Maryland men's basketball team will travel to Indiana on Dec. 1 as part of the Big Ten/ACC Challenge, it was announced on Wednesday.

The Terrapins and Hoosiers will meet as part of the 11th annual challenge, with the 11-game series being played on Nov. 30, Dec. 1 and Dec. 2. The Atlantic Coast Conference has won the Commissioner's Cup in the previous 10 seasons the event has been contested.

I actually like this matchup. Indiana is looking pretty bad next year, so it's a winnable road game against a team that's not quite a cupcake. It won't affect our RPI too much, but it's nice to have an easy opponent here. Maryland HS star Mo Creek will be a freshmen there next year, actually. I remember him saying Maryland was his favorite school at one point, for what it's worth. Of course, it's also the 2002 championship game rematch, and we all know who won that one.

Another quasi-interesting note: at the Indiana awards banquet, Crean said the team they were playing was "someone you have to respect." I don't know if he said that because Indiana is so in the dumps right now (they'd probably have to respect NCSt) or if we're still a force in the basketball world, but I'll take it.