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Stephenson to Announce "By the End of the Week"

This news is actually kind of old, but I just saw it. Via Zags:

Maryland head coach Gary Williams had an in-home visit last Friday with Lance Stephenson and his family, according to two sources close to the situation.

One of the sources said Stephenson told Williams that he will decide by the end of the week.

“I think everything will probably come to a head by next weekend,” a third source close to the situation said. “Everything hinges probably on what Xavier Henry does.”

I'll say this: if it hinges on what Xavier does, we're in for a ride. Here's a quick rundown of what happened in just about the last 10 hours or so:

  • Henry's father, Carl, says that Xavier and his brother CJ will forego a visit to Kentucky and announce within the next few days.
  • Within two hours, Carl reneges on his previous statement and says his son called him to say that he does want to visit Kentucky.
  • Not long after that, Papa Henry again changes his story. He says he talked to both again and they decided not to visit Kentucky. They'll announce within the next two days.
  • I fully expect Carl Henry to announce that they are visiting Kentucky, UCLA, Valpo, NC A&T, and Lokomotiv Rostov sometime within the next four days.

I've started to hear positive things about the Terp's chances with Lance again. Maybe he was unimpressed by SJU's official visit? I don't know why, but the "done to SJU" talk has quieted down a little in the past few days.

Once Henry officially announces to Kansas, if he really is going there, Stephenson should announce pretty quickly. If it's really about two days until he commits, this weekend sounds about right for Lance. He can't announce right after, because then he'd seem even more like he was depending on Henry. He has to give it at least a day or two. I couldn't venture a guess - with Kansas out of it, it'd probably be about 50-50 between Maryland-SJU. I still contend a team with Lance and Greivis on it is top 25 at the start of the season.