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Fridge Not Happy With FSU Sanctions

Go get 'em, Fridge:

Is it fair? Yeah, they played ineligible people ... They orchestrate 36 guys -- academic fraud by the academic counselor -- and they lose one or two games? That's not right.


Duke suspends a guy for a year [QB Zack Asack was given a year's suspension for plagiarism, same as Josh Portis was]. They (Florida State) got 36 of them and they don't lose a whole year? Yeah, I think it's more than fair. They're [Florida State] playing with the guys I can't play with.


To me, it should be standard throughout the league. We're all in the league together. Otherwise he gains a competitive advantage.

Does this seem like normal Friedgen behavior? I don't know he generally seems quieter to the media than this.

Anyway, I am in wholehearted agreement. I think what they got off with was a joke. Not to twist words, but the FSU SBN blogger said something along the lines of "we won" after the penalties were handed down. The school with an organized cheating ring should not be "winning" these battles.

Like Fridge says, other schools in the ACC are suspending people a year for plagiarism. I mean, this is cheating on a quiz kind of plagiarism. Meanwhile, FSU gets maybe a game or two lost for massive academic fraud?

Obviously, FSU is held to a different standard, and it's not right. The NCAA could make a lot of fans by taking this seriously and handing down serious sanctions. I'd prefer there to be penalties going forward, not backward, but something bigger needs to be happening. Of course, I doubt much of anything will - it's not like the NCAA to go back and change their verdict. I'm not even sure if they can.

Your opinion?