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Terps Grab First 2010 Commitment

Terrell Stoglin, welcome to Maryland.

Terrell Stoglin, junior basketball star from Santa Rita High School, has verbally committed to the University of Maryland.

He could start at point guard as a freshman for the Terrapins. Stoglin is Tucson’s first major Division-I commitment in about 20 years.

He averaged 27 points, two steals and 7.5 assists per game in the high school season.

Stoglin has been player of the year in Tucson for two years in a row and is a two-time all-state player.

Stoglin is rated 89 on ESPN, and he's three stars and the #26 PG (#114 overall) on Rivals. Not a worldbeater, but there could be worse.

If you read the scouting reports, it sounds like Stoglin is a slightly worse version of Taran Buie. They're both scoring point guards; Buie's more of a slasher, Stoglin more of a shooter. I don't particularly like settling for a plan B at this point, but they needed to get over the first commitment hump. I won't complain about landing a top 150 player. I'd have to imagine this would negatively impact Buie, because they're very similar players, but this class could still involve Parker, Tsafack, or Harris.

Stoglin wasn't on my list of top guard targets; from what I've heard, this came out of the blue a little bit. There was contact earlier between the coaching staff and Stoglin, but it never got very serious. Gary probably heard that Buie's interest was fading, and switched his efforts to Stoglin. Buie was a best-case scenario kind of guy, and you can't always get the best case scenario. I'd rather land Stoglin now than continue to keep on Buie only to see him commit elsewhere and end up with a JUCO guy instead.

I'm actually somewhat pleased about this commitment. Your opinions?