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Position Battle: TE

The Terps are well known for their good tight ends: Jeff Dugan, Vernon Davis, Joey Haynos, and Dan Grownkowski are a few of the best that have come through the program. They’re also well known for their use of two TE sets. In this offense, at least two TEs will see a decent amount of playing time. Sometimes there’s one blocking TE and one receiving, but it's not always that clean.

This is the first position battle that involves a starter. As such, the competition can be expected to be a bit more fierce.

The Contenders: Tommy Galt, Lansford Watson, Matt Furstenberg, Devonte Campbell

Tommy Galt: The son of Maryland’s strength coach, Galt started seeing PT toward the end of last year. He’s definitely a blocking end; his hands aren’t stone per se, but he’s not going to be leading the team in receptions. His blocking ability and strength, however, will definitely find him a spot. With the offensive line as weak as it is this year, they'll need another strong blocker to step in and help on both the run and the pass.

Lansford Watson: Watson was a five star wide receiver coming out of high school, but he was supposed to be too big and slow to be a successful wide out in college. Instead, he was switched over to TE. Watson, like Galt, started to see some time toward the end of the year. With his WR background, he’s more of a receiving end, and he knows how to make plays. Strangely, the depth chart has him and Galt, probably the best two ends, fighting for the same spot, so that’ll be an interesting battle.

Matt Furstenberg: Furstenberg was one of the few freshmen who burned his redshirt last year. Like Watson, he’s a receiving TE. The coaches like him a lot, and he’s done pretty well in spring practice from what I’ve heard. Sounds a lot like Joey Haynos to me. He’s winning the other TE spot right now, if you listen to the depth chart.

Devonte Cambpell: Campbell is talented and athletic, and pretty well-rounded to boot. He was a highly regarded four star coming out of high school, but he lacks the experience of the others and the coaches really like two of the other contenders. The talent's there, but he needs some polish.

Galt's blocking ability is just too valuable with the offensive line as bad as it is to keep him from starting. Watson will still get some time, as will Furstenberg. It may prove to be too crowded for Cambpell, unfortunately.