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Pick Your Dream 2010 Class

Maryland's first recruit for 2010 - plan around him.
Maryland's first recruit for 2010 - plan around him.

Between Lance Stephenson dissolving, Darnell Dodson apparently not considering Maryland, and Vinson probably heading elsewhere, I thought we'd needed some fun and could dream a bit.

Maryland will probably have four scholarships for the 2010 class. One of them has been filled by someone a lot of people like - Terrell Stoglin. So, if you could pick any three reasonable players to fill in the final three, who would they be? By reasonable, I mean no picking Harrison Barnes. If the Terps have shown legitimate interest, odds are they're a reasonable choice.

Keep in mind, Stoglin's already committed. So here's what you're looking at for 2010:


For what it's worth, two of those will likely be off the team - Burney and Goins are the most recent rumor. Take that into account when you pick.

If you need help, see my breakdowns of the 2010 targets (guardsbig men/wings). Remember: you get three of them, and try to balance them out to best fit the roster. Don't pick a bunch of scorers just because they're higher rated. Try to get a nice mix of guys to create the best roster in combination with the guys we already have.