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Position Battle: #2 QB

Jamarr Robinson is the leader - for now.
Jamarr Robinson is the leader - for now.

As we get further and further into spring practice, the position battles are starting to take shape. We know who the contenders are, and who the leaders are.

Obviously, Chris Turner is the main man at QB, returning for his senior season after starting the last one and a half. Jordan Steffy and Josh Portis are both gone, meaning the job is all his. Steffy and Portis's depature hasn't fixed everyhing - there's still a position battle, it's just moved back a spot.

The Contenders: Jamarr Robinson, CJ Brown, Danny O'Brien


Jamarr Robinson: A redshirt sophomore, Robinson is extremely athletic and a scrambler at heart. He's the only one of the trio in camp right now, and the only one who's been in the system at all. He has the upper hand right now, but the coaches have been slow to give him votes of confidence - clearly, the coaching staff isn't convinced on Robinson. His spring has been impressive so far, but nothing that makes him a lock to win this battle. He knows the offense well, which is the big advantage he has over the other two. If his spring is good, the battle could end there.

CJ Brown: A highly rated (four star) QB out of Pennsylvania, Brown reminds a lot of people of Scott McBrien. He's athletic and make things happen with his feet, but he's comfortable in the pocket as well. Brown is seen as the QB of the future by many Terrapin fans, and could jump over Robinson. He's a smart kid who should be able to grasp the schemes quickly, but he'll have an uphill climb because he's new to the offense. The talent is there, but he's raw and still needs to be molded into a finished product. He gets out of the pocket a bit too early and is known to force some throws. Don't sleep on him, though - he's got a lot of talent.

Danny O'Brien: O'Brien is another freshman QB, this time out of North Carolina.He wasn't quite as highly rated as Brown was, but both are similar QBs - Brown is a bit more of a scrambler, while O'Brien is a bit more pocket-oriented, but both are capable of making plays with their legs. Both get happy feet and need some work to become great QBs. Both have the natural talent to be good starters in the ACC. I'd put Brown a little bit ahead of O'Brien right now, because he has a bit more talent and is a bit more finished, but the difference isn't that big. 

They're in order right now - I expect Robinson to win out, Brown to come in second, and O'Brien in third. Compared to most of the position battles, this one isn't all that locked down, like TE, but it's not as fluid as the offensive line. Robinson controls his own fate right now - if his spring is impressive enough, the coaches won't even consider this a position batle. If it's not, be prepared for a fight.