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Saturday Morning Reading List

No big news today, but a few tidbits worth checking out.

  • Remember: Maryland lacrosse goes up against Johns Hopkins in the UNC-Duke matchup of lacrosse - 2 pm on ESPNU. The Washington Times has a nice article on the collapse of - and hope for - the year so far.
  • Darrius Heyward-Bey is being scouted by the Raiders, who have the 7th pick in the NFL draft. Everyone knew he'd go early, but I don't think anyone thought he'd go that early.
  • Lance Stephenson note at the bottom of the page: apparently, if he's waiting for Xavier Henry it might take awhile. Henry is going to take a visit to Kentucky, so we might have to wait for a week or two. Meanwhile, it's sounding like Stephenson is getting closer to a decision. Maybe he didn't wait for Henry's decision. Regardless, not getting good vibes from this recruitment right now, but I wouldn't completely give up hope yet.
  • Hmm - Facebook recruiting is illegal. I've seen a lot of Maryland recruiting groups, FWIW. Wonder how long it takes before those get shut down. 
  • Here's what Chad Ford has to say about Greivis Vasquez (even though it's old, I just saw it today):
  • Vasquez had an excellent junior season, but scouts wonder how he would fit in the NBA. Is he a point guard or a 2-guard? Does he have the athleticism to excel in the league? What about his poor shooting numbers this season and his tendency to run his mouth? He definitely has talent, but he's on the first-round bubble.

    Nothing groundbreaking, though I didn't think he had much of a shot at going in the first round. If scouts tell him he has first round potential, it'd be tough to get him to come back.
    • Miami PF Dwayne Collins is declaring for the draft. I think there's very little chance he stays in the draft, but if he does end up going, Miami could have a rough season next year. The ACC very well could be down with all these defections to the NBA, meaning next year is Maryland's chance, provided Vasquez stays.