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Assorted Lance Stephenson Links

The saga continues:

  • The video of Lance's press conference is below (via The Shiver):

  •  Honestly, I like what I see from the above video. Lance has never been the best interviewee, but he seemed to repeat the same thing: "We're gonna wait it out." This lends credence to the Xavier Henry theory; he needs to "wait out" Xavier's decision. I also like one thing I heard from Lance's dad in the second video about the scholarship situation at Kansas: "I was reading about that. Actually, they never told us that they didn't have a scholarship for Lance." I'd imagine that not being told something like that would negatively affect him and his family, so maybe that has something to do with this as well. Or, they could be waiting to see if enough people leave to open up a 'ship at KU, as it's completely possible that that won't happen.
  • Video is rolling in; this one is from Zagsblog. Two positives here: first, he mentions that it doesn't matter who got farther in the NCAA tournament (even though the question was about Gary's appearance at his playoff game). Second, notice at the end what he says will be the deciding factors: coach, tradition, and teammates. No, he doesn't mention "national championship", which was the reason everyone said he would go to Kansas.
  • It sounds like Kentucky will be a player in the Xavier Henry sweepstakes, (at least based on the quotes in that story) which doesn't make me too happy. I could see Cal somehow carrying him to Kentucky, which would not be a good sign for Maryland. At the same time, I have trouble believing Lance and his family would delay the announcement unless they had a good indication that Henry would be heading to Kansas.
Sorry for even more Lance news, but there is very little else going on right now.