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Greivis Vasquez Named to All-ACC 2nd Team


There's some good news when we needed it. Congrats to Vaz on what is a huge accomplishment in such a strong year.

Here's the teams:

First Team
*Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina (228)
Toney Douglas, Florida State (226)
Ty Lawson, North Carolina (224)
Gerald Henderson, Duke (210)
Jack McClinton, Miami (188)

Second Team
Jeff Teague, Wake Forest (185)
Trevor Booker, Clemson (156)
Tyrese Rice, Boston College (151)
Kyle Singler, Duke (128)
Greivis Vasquez, Maryland (116)

Third Team
James Johnson, Wake Forest (100)
Malcolm Delaney, Virginia Tech (83)
A.D. Vassallo, Virginia Tech (81)
Danny Green, North Carolina (48)
Gani Lawal, Georgia Tech (46)

For what it's worth, no one else even got an honorable mention on any other team. That's pretty sad.

Hopefully, this is some incentive for Vasquez to head back to Maryland. With the people leaving from the first team (Hansbrough, Douglas, & McClinton are seniors, Lawson and Henderson are pretty good bets to declare), odds are pretty good that he'd be a strong candidate for the first team next year. That's a pretty good thing to look forward to. I still think it comes down to Lance Stephenson's decision. If he commits here, I'm thinking there's a 75% Vaz comes back. No Lance, it's closer to 25%.