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Monday Afternoon Links

Busy day for me, slow day for Terps sports.

  • East Coast Bias took a look at Maryland's past few years, and found a startlingly similar trend - fall apart, come back together to get to the bubble, fall apart again.
  • Scout isn't giving much love to the Terps football team - they have them finishing 11th in the ACC. They might not be great next year, but 11th? I was considering something closer to 7th at worst.
  • On the Bracketology front, for those of you that still have some hope, Joe Lunardi has Maryland in the "Next Four Out" (those titles never made sense to me. Wouldn't the best teams that didn't make it be the "Last" out instead of the "First"?). Still a chance, but most of this is just guesswork anyway. No one knows how the committee will respond. He still has Creighton above Maryland, which is just ridiculous - the Jays just lost to Illinois State by 20+ points.
  • Our beloved Eric Prisbell is also working on Bracketology - no, Maryland isn't in his 65 either.
  • Missed some Lance Stephenson news a few days ago - he and James Padgett led Lincoln to the city semis the other day. He dropped 28 and 12, with St. John's coach Norm Roberts on hand. Padgett had 13 and 12. Lance's quote? "No one can stop me down low." That's a strange strategy for a 6-5 guard (there's no way he's only 6-5, though - he looks a legit 6-8).