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Lady Terps Win ACC Tournament

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Kristi Toliver and Marissa Coleman had gigantic games to finish out their ACC career, and they led the Terps to their first ACC title. Coleman had 28 and 15 I believe, which is just a monster game.

Maryland seemed to be almost trying to give it away late in the game (I confused Dee Liles with Sean Mosley for a second) and the refs certainly weren't helping. But there were a few clutch plays in overtime (aka "our time") including two huge free throws from Kim Rodgers, a great defensive possession to close it out, and a nice inbounds play by Toliver.

At least one Maryland basketball team can come up big in clutch situations.

Maryland has definitely locked up a #1 seed in the NCAA tourney with this win, which was sweet for a number reasons. I seriously think that they'll meet UConn in the final, though they'll probably lose (UConn is just unstoppable this year). Regardless of all that, it's a great moment by itself - congrats to the entire team on just an amazing performance.