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Thursday Links - Around the NCAA Edition

It's been a very slow day today, which is why there are so few links today. But there's been some action that's not Maryland related, but is still worth checking out.

  • Greivis Vasquez was nominated for the season's Pontiac Game Changing Performance, honored for his incredible performance (and game-tying shot) against the Tar Heels. The list is full of some incredible plays, pretty much all of which are buzzer-beaters. If I had to choose one, I'd probably pick the Cleveland St. one, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to vote for Vaz like crazy. Remember, Pontiac makes a donation to the winning school's scholarship fund, so get on it!
  • The Mid-Majority, one of the better basketball blogs out there, is keeping tabs on all the mid-major conference tourneys, which is very useful for any fan of a bubble team. Quite a few teams, like Butler and maybe even Davidson or Creighton, could steal a bid if they don't win their tourney.
  • The Wall Street Journal did some research recently, declaring college basketball the hardest sport to get a win on the road. Does this excuse Maryland's road record?
  • Is Northwestern on the bubble now? Andy Katz says so. More interestingly in that article, he considers that maybe BC and Maryland are the ACC's last hope, while the Big East will probably only get 7 teams into the tourney. He also projects who are the locks and bubble teams - he leaves eight spots up for grabs, and if those are the teams, I like Maryland's chances.
  • No actual link for this one, but Jay Bilas called Maryland the best team on the bubble on the radio this morning. A lot of committee members surely think like him - the games you win are more important than the games you lose.
  • Shameless plug - Testudo Times was recently asked by Rush the Court, a general basketball blog, for our opinion on Maryland's bubble status. While I'm sure you know my position (god knows I've shouted to the heavens every chance I get), I'm reading up on other teams' chances.