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Good News For Maryland: BC, VT, Miami Lose

Maryland, the epitome of a bubble team, just got a lot of help from teams who didn't particularly want to give it to them. The three other bubble teams in the ACC all lost tonight, meaning Maryland's road is paved.

Boston College fell to North Carolina State, and though they are on the good side of the bubble, they could still fall off, however unlikely. They finish out against Georgia Tech - a loss there puts them at 8-8, and suddenly they find themselves in the same position as Maryland, only with two bad losses at the end of the year.

VT lost to UNC, which was expected. A win would've all but guarenteed a bid to the NCAAs, but even though they didn't get it, they're still alive. They finish out with a road game against Florida State, which is a tough game to win (just ask us). If the 'Noles can win that one, it could be over for the Hokies. If VT wins, they'll still probably need one in the ACCT.

Miami lost unexpectedly to Georgia Tech, which pretty much seals their fate - the committee does not like a sub-.500 record, especially because Miami likely won't get 20 wins.

There's now almost no way they get left out with wins over Virginia and whoever they play in the ACC tournament (likely North Carolina State). In the past, like last year? Yes, it would be possible. But the ACC is stronger, and the .500 record may be the best thing on Maryland's resume. With these losses, the bubble becomes weaker, and Maryland looks better and better.