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Wednesday Lunchtime Links

  • Yeah, Maryland lost yesterday. But unbeknowst to me and anyone watching the game on TV, one of the best pranks ever went down at halftime. Streeter and Amir of College Humor fame have a prank war going, and the seventh edition occured when Streeter tricked Amir into thinking he just won $500,000 by making a blindfolded halfcourt shoe. Yeah, it was probably faked, but it was still funny. Well done, though not quite as good as the marriage prank.
  • Saint Mary's is taking a strange route to get into the tournament - they're going to try to schedule another game late in the year. To me, it doesn't seem worth it. First, finding another team that didn't schedule full is going to be difficult, and getting them to agree to play this late is gonna be tough. More likely, they'll have to find a DII school, and I doubt that'll change any committee members' minds.
  • Lance Stephenson and James Padgett (hopefully two future Terps) put up a combined 60 points and 25 rebounds in the first round of the New York City playoffs. That's three points and eight rebounds shy of Maryland's total against Wake. For those who say Stephenson is a ball hog, he also had 10 assists to complete the triple double. On Stephenson, there's only 18 more days until a commitment.
  • CBS is updating March Madness on Demand, which was already one of my favorite web apps ever. There appear to be quite a few widget-esque tools they're adding on, so I'll make good use of those.
  • Here's a good article on former Terp soccer standout Maurice Edu. He's called Michael Essien, Roy Keane, and Patrick Viera rolled into one - those are three of the best in the world, in case you didn't know.