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Bubble Watch: 3/2 + 3/3 Results, 3/4 + 3/5 Rooting Guide

Had Maryland won the Wake Forest game, I don't think I would've had to do another bubble watch. As it stands, Maryland's on the tip of the bubble, so it's a necessity.

Maryland was technically 2-4 the past few days, though one loss didn't really make a difference because both were bubble teams. It's good to see Georgetown knocked out, and Cincy is finished as well. Ohio State almost lost to Iowa, which would've been huge, but they ended up winning by 2. All in all, it was about as good as you could ask for. The next two days are even bigger.

Boston College @ NCSt: Root for NCSt. While Boston College is almost completely in, you never know what will happen. They aren't a lock yet, and a bad finish could still knock them out.

UNC @ Virginia Tech: Root for UNC. VT needs to win one of their last two games, and both are tough ones. If they lose to UNC, that makes the FSU game to close out the year absolutely huge.

Miami @ Georgia Tech: Root for Georgia Tech. Miami is like Maryland - not sure if they're getting in, but if they close it out, probably. If they finish the way they're supposed to, they'll likely be .500 in the ACC, which is a big boon. If the stumble, they'll be 7-9. There's no room for error for the Canes.

Georgia @ Kentucky: Root for Georgia. The state of Georgia certainly has their hands full tonight. Though Kentucky made it very difficult for themselves after the LSU loss, they're on the very edge of the bubble - a loss here would make it impossible for them to get it.

Florida @ Mississippi State: Root for Mississippi State. Though Florida is looking good right now, they still need to finish well. Much like BC, they could slide off the good side of the bubble with a bad finish.

BYU @ Wyoming: Root for Wyoming. BYU made a good case to get in after their win against Utah, but they're still very iffy right now. A loss against Wyoming would ruin them.

Wisconsin @ Minnesota: Root for Minnesota. This is a game between two bubble teams who are at about the same spot. This really could end up as an NCAA tourney play-in game. It doesn't matter who wins. Technically, Minny is in a slightly better spot, so you should root for them, but it's not a big difference.

Texas A&M @ Colorado: Root for Colorado. Texas A&M needs to get to at least .500 in the Big 12, and they'll need to win this game to do it. A loss here means they have to beat Missouri, who is playing really well this year.

Air Force @ UNLV: Root for the Air Force. UNLV is on the outside of the bubble - this could be the crippling blow.

Villanova @ Providence: Root for Villanova. Nova already helped out one team's chances, so they should be done. Providence would be tough to turn away with two top 15 wins in the final few games.

Tennessee @ South Carolina: Root for South Carolina. Again, two bubble teams in comparable situations. South Carolina is more likely to get in, though, so you have to play the percentages.

Illinois @ Penn State: Root for Illinois. Penn State is hanging in there, and a win against Illinois would be a giant boost. A loss wouldn't knock them out, but a win would be terrible for Maryland.

Dayton @ Xavier: Root for Xavier. A win and Dayton is in. A loss, they're still on the bubble a bit.

Cal @ Arizona: Root for Cal. Cal has played extremely well this year, so beating Arizona is a possibility. Zona really needs a win here after losing to Washington.