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More Thoughts on Lance's Decision

By now you know that Lance has indefinitely delayed his announcement date, which probably pisses you off to no end. Not me, though: if anything, this is a good sign.

The thing that makes the most sense is that he was headed to Kansas, and the announcement would come today. There's a problem now, though: Calipari is leaving Memphis and heading to Kentucky. It seems like a total nonsequiter, but his top recruit, Xavier Henry, was considered to be a Kansas lock a few months ago. Kansas was his #2 school after Memphis.

If Calipari leaves, which seems near certain at this point, Henry would probably end up at Kansas. He could automatically get out his LOI, and he'd reopen his recruitment. Says Henry:

In my Letter of Intent it is written that if Coach Calipari leaves, I can go anywhere.

I'll consider everybody. I'll reopen everything.

Sounds like the only reason he went to Memphis was because of Cal.

If that does happen, I see almost no way Lance goes to KU. There's no way he would share the spotlight with another top five recruit. If anything, Lance would be in Henry's shadow on campus. Henry's parents were both athletes at Kansas, and I'd have to imagine Henry would be the big man on campus, not Lance. Many people believe that Maryland is his #2 right now, which would make College Park the logical landing spot.

Of course, the entire logic train could be wrong. He could just be looking for more stardom and a longer time in the limelight. That doesn't make sense to me: there's not going to be a bigger place than the McD's game to announce his decision. Yes, it could be also be negative: if the above is correct, it means he was definitely picking Kansas from the start. But I feel some positive vibes on this.

I want the entire thing to be over so everyone can move on, and I'm not glad I'll be tugged around by two high school athletes, but this actually seems like a good sign. I expect there to be a lot of clarification within the next few days. Remember, Lance will be playing in the McD's game at 8 on Wednesday on ESPN.