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Fun Facts About Wake Forest

I was bored on a snowy Tuesday, so I decided to look at all the player bios for Wake Forest. I'm sure every team has these weird facts, but I figured I should share some:

  • James Johnson is 22 years old. He's a 22-year old sophomore. Yeah, it's not normal.
  • Maybe I shouldn't joke about it, though, at least not to his face. He's a kickboxer, and his dad won 7 kickboxing championships. James himself was 21-0 in competition.
  • Al-Farouq Aminu has a weird smile. He attended the same high school as DJ Adams, the Maryland football recruit.
  • Al-Farouq Aminu also has a mugshot. He performed a drive-by on a lady, only it's not the normal drive-by: he used a BB gun. Why a BB gun? Anyway, he was charged with aggravated assault and trespassing. He's supposedly a nice guy, though.
  • Chas McFarland can't say his name correctly - he pronounces it "Chase". Why not just put an "e" on the end of it and stop confusing people? He was also named the Mr. Scheyer runner-up, so if Jon Scheyer cannot for whatever reason fulfill his duties, McFarland will step into his place.
  • McFarland was body-slammed by a Clemson fan last year. He flew into the stands trying to save a ball, and I guess the Clemson guy thought he was trying to start something, and just dropped him.
  • They have some obsession with wearing t-shirts under their jerseys. I've never understood the whole t-shirt idea. Why do it? Are you afraid people will see you armpits? Do you get cold? I think it looks stupid, personally.
  • Maryland currently has zero walkons on the team. Next year, there'll be one (David Pearman is giving up his scholarship). Wake Forest, conversely, has six walkons. All of them, for whatever reason, are white. 1/3 of their team is made up of walkons.
  • Not that this hasn't been beaten into the ground before, but Wake is really tiny. Maryland's student body is nearly 6 times bigger than Wake's.

Yeah, I could've been more productive, but I didn't want to.