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Lazy Sunday Links: (Mostly) Non-Revenue Edition

Not much going on today except beautiful weather and those other 25 sports that help make up the one team.

  • I'm not the only one fascinated by Marissa Coleman's performance: Mike Wise in the WaPo and Rick Maese in the Sun gave her props as well.
  • Remember that 7OT game between Syracuse and UConn a couple weeks ago? Well, it's happened again, only this time in lacrosse. Maryland took #1 ranked Virginia down to the wire, and then past it, losing only after seven extra periods. A win would've given Maryland the ACC regular season title. Actually, Maryland probably should've won the game; a goal was waved off after the refs gave Maryland a TO they didn't ask for. Was Karl Hess officiating that game?
  • Here's the one that ruined the title: Remember, the official Maryland website has occasional spring practice updates to check out. 
  • Maryland wrestling is on its way up: HC Kerry McCoy was named the ACC Coach of the Year, and the Terps landed four on the All-ACC team.
  • If you didn't go insane when Scottie Reynolds hit that runner in the lane, it's highly probable you don't have a pulse (I guess you could've been rooting for Pitt, too). Even though I was rooting for Nova, I was a bit sad to see Juan Dixon's little bro go down. (Yeah, this is in a revenue sport, but it doesn't generate revenue for Maryland, so it doesn't count.)