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Gary Not Giving Up Lance


Some - Adam Zagoria, for one - believe that Maryland is now out of the Lance Stephenson sweepstakes (although Zagoria is almost the only one to report it independently). Gary Williams isn't one of those people.

This first game needs little introduction -- Lincoln and Rice, Lance Stephenson and Durand Scott, Dwayne (Tiny) Morton and Mo Hicks. Maryland coach Gary Williams is on hand, as is one Miami assistant coach. It doesn't get much better than this. At least that's the hope.

Of course, Bill Self wasn't there, but it's just one day after a late night loss against Michigan State. Stephenson was recently crowned co-Mr. Basketball for New York - I'm surprised he was only "co", instead of straight out Mr. Basketball.

I know I said I was done with this, and I really want it to be over, but I can't keep from speculating. I can't believe so many people are counting Maryland out on this one; Maryland really should have the upper hand in this recruitment. East Coast, big media presence, marketability, great supporting cast, Under Armor, etc. A scholarship might not even be there at Kansas: they're already two over, and Sherron Collins has been saying he's staying, at least for the moment.There's two options with Kansas: 1) Collins stays, in which case the scholarship probably isn't there, and even if it is, Stephenson isn't the star, or 2) Collins leaves, in which case the whole "National Championship" idea is rendered moot, because Kansas isn't winning a natty without Collins and Aldridge.

Regardless of what I think, Lance makes his decision at 11:45 on Tuesday. That's just three days away from this entire ordeal being over - finally. Do you even still care at this point? I do, but if Lance doesn't pick Maryland, I won't be too broken up about it.