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Thursday Links

Disclaimer: Lance Stephenson stories lead off the first two bullets. If you're tired of hearing about him (as I am becoming) just skip those.

  • The Lance to Kansas idea is really picking up steam: The NY Daily News is now reporting that "sources" are saying that Lance will pick Kansas. Another random site has more sources saying that Lance wants to play for Bill Self and will play for Kansas. This corroborates all the news we've heard about Stephenson heading to Kansas, especially from Adam Zagoria.
  • As for my personal take on it, I'm tired of it. I really just want it to be over, especially because all of this seems to be a load of BS. Remember: "It's gonna be a surprise." There's a 50% shot that this is all misdirection from the Stephenson camp. No one in the family has mentioned anything to media from all indications, so everything is second- or third-hand information. None of the sources are named; for all we know, it's one guy who called all of these people. I'm tired of it, and there's next to no validity with any of these, especially because they still assume SJU has a legit chance, which is doubtful (if they do, it's the most masterful PR job ever). A lot of people, especially "industry people" - that is, sneaker reps, national analysts, etc. - still think Maryland will be it. Besides, Kansas makes no sense. They're already two scholarships over the limit and Stephenson might not even get a starting spot - that's not where you go to showcase  yourself. Until Lance announces, I'm giving this stuff up. That's in just five days, by the way.
  • Back to your regularly scheduled links: Jamarr Robinson is the backup in chief for Maryland. Jordan Steffy is gone. Josh Portis is gone. The freshmen aren't there yet. Robinson is the guy. He's yet to receive a full vote of support from Fridge, which is strange, so the spring will be a big test for him
  • Maryland's women's basketball team got the Sweet Sixteen - no big surprise. A lot of people saw that coming, and consider Maryland the only hope to knock off UConn. But this wasn't expected: Maryland is the only ACC school left standing. Don't know what it is with ACC teams and basketball tournaments this year.
  • Just a reminder: Darrius Heyward-Bey has a blog going on his NFL draft experiences. Updates are starting to come in, so it's definitely bookmark material.