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Rate the Season

Maryland's year has been over for not quite a week, but you've had plenty of time to think about the year and how Maryland performed. There are two very different camps right now in Maryland basketball: one will say this year far exceeded expectations, based on the talent level of the team. The other group will contend that the year didn't meet expectations, based on the performances of the past few years.

Looking at the year in a vacuum, which is what you ultimately have to do in grading seasons, I think it's clear that the Terps got much farther than they should've. After all, Dave Neal started at center. The limit for a team which starts Dave Neal at center should be the NIT - anything else is a bonus. Of course, Maryland got far past that: they ended up one of the best 32 teams in the country. Then again, there are the losses to UVA and Morgan State and the fact that they almost got left out. To me, the fact that they overcame those negatives almost makes up for actually making the mistakes in the first place. I give the season about a B; had they beaten Morgan State and UVa, they probably end up with a 6 seed and a possible Sweet 16 appearance. That definitely would've deserved an A.

But that's just me. How do you see it?