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Tuesday Links: Women's Basketball (and Football) Edition

The women's basketball team is starting to get some notice in the media. Strangely, it's all coming from Dan Steinberg.

  • First, he asks why the media doesn't cover the women as much as the men. It's an interesting debate, but one that is easily explained. Besides the fact that more men watch sports than females (men care about men's sports more than they do women's sports), men's basketball is more exciting to watch for those who aren't basketball junkies. The pace of the women's game is slower and there aren't any high-flying dunks, which turns off some fans. Not saying it's good or bad, just pointing out it out.
  • Next, he walks us through the women's locker room. There's colorful, positive signs all over - "Heart", "Fun". "Be Aggressive", etc. There's a jar of toy turtles with coach, player, and staff names on them. When they're dropped in water, they "come out of their shell" - an obvious metaphor. It's actually a pretty humorous read.
  • Remember, the Lady Terps take on Utah tonight at 7, The game's on ESPN2.
  • Maryland football started spring practice today. Out of the bit I caught of Ralph's press conference, he seemed to really like the skill positions (WR, RB) and defensive backfield (S, particularly). Alex Wujiack will be out all spring, which is a disappointment (he can't seem to stay healthy), and Dion Armstrong will miss a week. Cory Jackson had an "operation", he'll also be out all spring. Fridge expressed some concern over the OL, and I can't blame him - they are young. He also discussed the QB situation - let's just say it wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement for Jamarr Robinson. It almost sounded like he's already playing catchup to the freshmen (who aren't even on campus yet).
  • A new depth chart for football was released today to go along with the start of practice. Demetrius Hartsfield seems like he'll finally see the field; he's a starter right now. Drew Gloster seems to be doing well at the MIKE spot, though he'll lose his position once Wujciak returns. The offensive line, a crapshoot before, seems to be settling: outside of Campbell and Costa - who were known - the starters will be Paul Pinegar, Justin Lewis, and Lamar Young. I expect all three positions to change, but at least some starters are down.