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NCAA Tournament: Maryland-Memphis Game Thread


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Maryland Terrapins
@ Memphis Tigers

Saturday, Mar 21, 2009, 3:20 PM EDT
NCAA Tournament - West Region - Second Round - Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO

Predictions, Anyone?
Unassorted Notes on Memphis-Maryland
The Crying Bear

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Funnily enough, Greivis has turned this into a must-watch game. His comments about Memphis - and some of his antics against Cal (the shush) - have turned some heads. America, meet Greivis Vasquez.

It'll be a hugely entertaining game. Memphis is clearly beatable and Maryland is playing their best basketball of the season. I still believe Memphis' edge in height and athleticism is too much for Maryland, but I've learned not to doubt these guys too much. One thing's for sure: if the Terps go down, they'll go down swinging.