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Predictions, Anyone?

Tomorrow's game has actually turned into one of the more intriguing ones on Saturday. The Terps take on 2-seeded Memphis right after the Tigers played a horrible game and right after Maryland looked dominant at times over Cal. There aren't any expectations for Maryland to win, so there's no pressure, which could work in their favor.

On the good side for Maryland, Memphis looked absolutely horrible against CS-N. They really should've lost that game. They had to rely on a reserve - Roburt Sallie - to put up 31 more points than he averages. Meanwhile, Maryland played one of their best games of the year against Cal. Those are some good signs. Any game Greivis Vasquez and Gary Williams are involved in can never be called to the final whistle.

Unfortunately, Memphis has some massive advantages: they start blue-chippers at every possession with superior size and athleticism. There's a reason they're a 2 seed and not a 5 seed like other weak conference teams. Also, Greivis might've given them a bit of bulletin board material: I don't think they'd go undefeated in ACC play, but Memphis wouldn't have a losing record.

In the end, I think Maryland makes it a close game, but ultimately lose. There's still a lot of determination on this team, and they're peaking at exactly the right time, while Memphis is falling apart at a bad moment. Unfortunately, you can only overcome so much of a size and athleticism disadvantage. Memphis is just too long with too much talent. Memphis wins, 81-72.

What say you?