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Monday Night Links

I had quite a nice day today. I love these snow days. It's supposed to stay this cold for another few days, so maybe we can get an extra few days out of it. Anyway, here's a roundup of Terp-related links:

  • Maryland's women's basketball team not only captured the ACC conference title yesterday, but they also got two players on the All-ACC first team. Kristi Toliver - who's easily one of the best players in the nation - and Marissa Coleman were both on the team.
  • The Under Armor/Lance Stephenson/Maryland story have really caught fire recently. Both Under Armor and Maryland, along with Prisbell himself, have made statements regarding the controversial issue. Prisbell insists that he didn't imply that Maryland did anything, and though I disagree with him, I respect his view on that. He really didn't talk at all about the lack of facts, which more people took an issue with than the slant. Under Armor's statement was boring and pretty generic - they service college athletics while complying with all the rules, etc. Maryland's statement said that they were investigating what was going on in both the UA and Mouton situations, and neither would be any more than a minor violation and would have little to no impact.
  • Also, that story's starting to get some national play.
  • Dan Steinberg at the DC Sports Bog has a quick story on Greivis' 3-pointer at the end of the game yesterday. I don't mind it too much outside of the fact that in all likelihood, we'll see them again and that'll be bulletin board material. Obviously the fans were pissed, but Sidney Lowe didn't care. He was more upset that his team didn't make a play on Vaz when he had an open three. That's actually a pretty good mindset, I like him for that. Anyway, Vaz apologized and said he was "caught up in the game".
  • Another feature from Prisbell: he takes a crack at the bracketology game by seeding the field of 65. Maryland is an 11 seed.