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Bubble Watch: 3/3 + 3/4 Rooting Guide

Maryland put themselves in great position going forward after beating NCSt on the road, but they still need some help to be confident of their chances. Because there's only a few, I'm combining today's and tomorrow's bubble watches into one.

Davidson @ Elon: Root for Elon. Elon's actually one of the better teams in the Southern Conference, so this is a completely possible upset. This game only matters if Davidson doesn't win their conference tournament, because if they lose this game, it would ensure that they'd have to win their tourney to get in. Their resume isn't good enough to get in via an at-large bid, especially if they lose this one. Not like Butler, who can lose the Horizon tourney and still get in, which would rob a spot from Maryland.

Baylor @ Texas: Root for Texas. Texas has shocked everyone by going on a recent skid to drop themselves from lock status into bubble status. Their resume is actually pretty good, but if they lose both of their final two, it'll be tough for the committee to put in a team that has played so poorly down the stretch. Their last game is at Kansas, which is a tough game to win. Baylor is a very talented team; they could pull this off. If they do, Texas will have an uphill battle.

Cincinnati @ South Florida: Root for South Florida. You may know South Florida as the school Gus Gilchrist transferred to, and they'll need him tomorrow. South Florida's not a very good team, but luckily Cincinnati is a fringe bubble team. If Cincy loses either of it's next two games (South Florida, Seton Hall) you can count them out. I don't see either happening, but they'll still need a solid tourney (probably two wins) to get in. Their 1-8 record vs. the Top 25 is killer.

Kansas St. @ Oklahoma State: Root for Kansas St. Both of these teams are bubble teams right now, which makes it tough to pick one to root for. I'll be pulling for Oklahoma State, because Kansas St. will need a heck of a finish to get in the tourney with their SoS: 95. Meanwhile, Oklahoma State has to win this game. Currently 8-6, they close out against Oklahoma (a game they won't win) and a team that's .500 in the B12 will have some trouble with the committee.

Georgetown @ St. Johns: Root for St. Johns. I have trouble believing a win over a Top 15 team makes Georgetown a lock, but they certainly have more of a chance now than before. They did play the hardest schedule in the country, but they're 6-10 in the Big East. They might not even make the Big East tourney in past years (now everyone gets in), let alone the NCAAT. Unfortunately, the committee will love that they played a hard schedule and have a lot of talent, but they have to finish strong. A loss against SJU or DePaul would finish them off.

Ohio St. @ Iowa: Root for Iowa. Ohio State has been sliding lately, and one more bad loss and they're finished. That'd be big, because just a few days ago I had considered tOSU one of the better-looking bubble teams.

Unfortunately, if any of these games turn out Maryland's way, they'll have to be an upset. I think at best we can hope for a 2-4 record, but 1-5 looks more realistic to me. Call me a pessimist.